Allison Iraheta

I usually don’t watch much American Idol, but this last season I caught quite a few. When I worked at Starbucks, (which feels like a lifetime ago) I hired a very young Adam Lambert. So, with all my rooting him on, I got to catch a few performances by Allison. She was pretty amazing to watch on Idol and even more fun in person. We had a photo scavenger hunt and ran all over aol studios finding places to shoot. She was game for anything and even gave me a little jigοΏΌ. Check out her AOL Session here.



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9 responses to “Allison Iraheta

  1. Yol

    Those are great! She’s such a cutie!

  2. Monica

    These are fabulous. She rocks and she’s gorgeous. Thanks!

  3. Linda

    Allison looks amazing. I love her CD. I hope to see her in concert this year.

  4. Lauren

    Thank you for sharing! Allison looks beautiful. That photo in black and white is especially stunning. The sessions were amazing too! Allison live is always a treat.

  5. istersay

    Wonderful pictures of Allison!

  6. ANNE

    It’s ridiculous how fierce she is. Love her.

  7. mark1216

    Allison is such an amazing performer. I also think she is so photogenic. I don’t believe she can take a bad pic. She has a smile that can light up a room. I am so eagerly waiting for her career to soar and for people to really get to know her.

  8. irina

    lovely photos !!! allison is awesome !!!

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