When Elizabeth Bruneau the photo editor from AOL (and one of my favorite people to work with) called me to see if I was available to shoot RIRI I just about freaked out. I was so excited to shoot these and produce a behind the scenes video with the incredible Lightfield Lewis. You can view the behind the scenes video here. Here is a link to the AOL Session. Special big thanks to Rihanna’s manager Christa and JP from Island Def Jam for making this happen.



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4 responses to “Rihanna

  1. I listen to Rihanna when I go to school and it really brightens up my day. I love her! I think her style is unmatched. Love her clothes and uniqueness! Rihanna is a lady who behaves really well.. seriously I saw her in public with my own eyes. Rihanna is my girl… she is one of the rare celebrities I do not hate because wow she is hot and cool. I wish Rihanna has a great life because she certainly deserves it.

  2. Bea

    I love rihanna so much…. she is my favorite artist and fashion icon

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