Juliette Lewis

When I first moved to LA over six years ago, Juliette was one of my regular customers at the Starbucks I used to manage. I remember hoping one day I would get to work with her. So years later when I got the chance to work with her and Lightfield Lewis, I jumped at it. Lightfield, her brother and an amazingly talented director, had me on to DP and help produce Juliette’s new video, Terra Incognita . It was such a amazing experience to work with Juliette. She was warm and incredibly sweet with all of us on set.
Working with Kojii Helnwein and Michael Des Barres was fantastic as well.
Special thanks to my lovely wife Jenny Llanes for all her help and assistants Leah Moriyama and Ian Campbell who where gracious with their time. Also thanks to David Safian for letting us use his gear.

Video Stills and Behind the Scenes:
Kojii Helnwein:



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3 responses to “Juliette Lewis

  1. Jay

    Awesome Joseph! Juliette is a hottie! i like the pic with her and Jenny!

    good to see you are doing some work with some big name folks!

  2. Shells

    Great work Joseph!

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