Molly And Logan

I have the pleasure of documenting my friends and family. It is one of my absolute favorite things about what I do. Through the last few years, my niece Molly drops by my set to have her picture taken. She has a new baby brother Logan, who I waited to photograph until he could sit up by himself. I look forward to having these two munchkins crash my set in the future and seeing how much they change and getting to document it.



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3 responses to “Molly And Logan

  1. Shells

    LOVE that you love to photograph them. It is always so wonderful to see the result! Thank you Jofuff! They are all so wonderful!

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  3. roxana

    aii qe bonitooo bby estaaa bnn bonitoo de ammm kien es hijooo ?? estaaa bnn bonitoo lo puedooo de cir mil beses:)

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