13hrs in Munich

Yesterday I had a 13hr layover in Munich. Last time I spent time in Munich was 9 years ago, a few weeks after 9/11. I had gone to Octoberfest and got really sick so I had no plans to return and to be honest was not looking forward to venturing out. After we got the film team, Rebecca and Kevin, past security at the airport, Andreas and I figured out the train system and got to the city center. Andreas and I parted ways and I got my luggage into a locker. I debated about taking my camera but was so exhausted by the 12 day film schedule I decided to go out solo. What a dum dum! I cant believe I left it behind. Here are some picks I took with my phone. Coming across the Michael Jackson Christmas tree /memorial was amazing. And yes there really is surfing in rivers in Munich. The city is alive at Christmas time. The Christmas village is unreal. I plan to return soon to this amazing city. I think I will just have to skip Octoberfest.



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5 responses to “13hrs in Munich

  1. Norma Rose Eckblad

    Amazing images from your phone! Thx for sharing. A lot of history in that city and I really enjoyed seeing the mom with the German Stroller.

  2. megan

    Hey Jo! Love the pics, the colors are dreamy. I think those signs have Turrett’s Syndrome tho…i would so fail that driving test!

  3. Dude! River surfing!? That’s crazy awesome. I’m also diggin’ all the statue pics. I’m totally a sucker for sculpture.

  4. ds

    Man, only in Germany. F’n river surfing – too cool. Great pix Vato – too bad they’re only 3megapixels….:(

  5. Those are some pretty rad phone photos!

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