Bartl (images from my upcoming documentary)

Two years ago I went to visit my friend Andreas in Austria. I was introduced to this amazing tradition called “Bartl”, which translates to “monster”, that has been going on for more then 300 years. Single men from the ages of 12 to early 20’s dress up in these amazing masks (all carved for each individual & his personality) and sheep skin suits and “punish” the children in the village with roped up branches. St Nicholas comes in sometime later and casts the devils out of the village and blesses the people. This all happens on the 5th of December. This December, Andreas will be bringing this tradition to LA and we will be showing the documentary.



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2 responses to “Bartl (images from my upcoming documentary)

  1. Lori Browning

    These costumes are so amazing. They would have completely freaked me out as a kid. And as always beautiful photography.

  2. really incredible job my friend. i love them all but the black and whites and the bridge shots are really stunning.

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